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The Life and Times of Becky Bloomsfield

Becky Bloomsfield
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A great new read for children aged 7 – 11 years old.


Eleven-year-old Becky Bloomsfield used to love life, but since Mum died Becky feels that she’s the one looking after everyone. Trying to stay positive, she looks forward to performing onstage with her dance class. Then Dad brings home a mean girlfriend, she falls out with her best friend, and to make matters worse she is accused of stealing. When Becky gets whisked of to Hospital dad’s girlfriend Penny, spills a tragic secret. Becky realises there is more to Penny than she first thought. Can Becky bring everyone back together?

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Book Festival

And so the season begins! I love going to book festivals, so it’s a complete honour when I’m invited to take part in them. The best part is chatting with kids about the books they read, and what makes them choose them. Is it cover design? The blurb? Or have they heard of the author from someone else. Reading for pleasure is a lifelong habit and one which should be encouraged. Our libraries are doorways to other worlds, a safe space, and are free! Now you can’t get better than that!

Looking forward to meeting the other authors taking part and to meeting new readers!

A Day Out…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been kept busy with a couple of exciting writing projects!

However, I managed to sneek off to Cardiff for the day to promote Will’s War with my publisher.

Candy Jar Books

Book Review…



Whilst it is entirely lovely to get book reviews from children, it is also thrilling when adults read and enjoy your book.  Here is a snippet of a recent review. I have had to edit it as there are spoilers!

‘I finished my paperback of Will’s War yesterday and found it such a great adventure! He really went through the wringer after he got placed on a farm then was forced to work on the ship. I wondered if Will looks up Elizabeth, Frank and Charlie in the future and even visits them when they are elderly or their grandkids?

Thanks for a fab book!’


Will’s War is shortly to be published on Kindle (possibly even free for a short time – shhh) I will keep you all updated!