My Nanna

A fun rhyming book, sharing memories of time spent with loved ones.

Available from my Etsy shop £7.99. Click on the logo below

Becky Bloomsfield Available from Candy Jar Books or click the logo below for my Etsy shop

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries – December 2019 Available from Candy Jar Books

This short story collection features 5 stories by a range of authors, and I’m one of them!

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries is a licensed Doctor Who spin-off novel and features the granddaughter of the Doctor’s best friend, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Based in Ogmore-by-Sea these YA sci-fi books tackle prejudice against differences and promote diversity, self-confidence and acceptance for young people.

Will’s War – April 2018 – Available now from Candy Jar Books

Will is an ordinary boy who likes to build Lego models and play with his dog Rollo. But after a stupid row with his mum ends up at his grandad’s house, where he discovers an old air raid shelter.

Will steps inside to investigate, but when he comes out he is not in his grandad’s garden but in Second World War London.

How will he get back?



Reader Comments:

‘I loved this book so much that I read it 3 times’ – Chloe

‘I liked it because it was a time travel book’ – Jude

‘I liked they way it linked with WWII history’ – Barnaby

Don’t Pick Your Nose Ned


Written in rhyme a short book for younger readers about the perils of picking your nose! Also suitable for parents to read to children.

Available from Amazon 

Coffee Break Reads – A Collection of Short Stories


A collection of 10 short stories written for women’s magazines. Great for a quick read when you don’t have time for a novel.

Available from Amazon