Don’t judge me,

I’m a sensitive soul,

My heart misses a beat,

When I loose control.

Why do I have to justify?

Time and time again,

My actions my thoughts,

But do I ever complain?

My confidence rocked,

I crawl deep inside,

I don’t want to see you,

I just want to hide.

Don’t judge me,

I’m more than you see,

You may not like,

What I could be.

My heart on my sleeve,

I lay my soul bare,

How can you justify,

Throwing me into despair?

Like a flower I unfold,

A myriad of feelings,

Always smiling,

But forever concealing.



Lately I’ve been losing sleep,

My pillow wet as I weep,

A shattered vase a metaphor,

For damaged love that is no more.

I never meant any malice or spite,

I always thought you’d put up a fight,

If I’m not worth your time of day,

Then maybe it was right to walk away.

A sticking plaster covers my heart,

Hides the fact that we’re apart,

Lately I’ve been loosing sleep,

This secret of mine buried so deep.


It’s A Small World…


First there was me,

And then there was you,

With a world of love,

Just between us two.

I knew straightway,

You were made for me,

It was always,

Meant to be.

It’s a small world after all.

When you kissed me first,

My heart missed a beat,

Those lips of yours,

Tasted oh so sweet.

I knew you were mine,

Before nightfall,

It’s a small world,

After all.

There is just one moon,

And one golden sun,

And beneath the stars,

We become as one.

It’s a small world after all.

World Book Day…


I had to dress my child,

As a character she had to go,

From a favourite book,

One that we both know.

She wanted to be a Gruffalo,

But I cannot sew,

So I suggested some staples,

And a lovely throw.

She didn’t fancy that,

So we had another think,

She wanted to be a princess,

In a dress, that was all pink.

I offered her the tablecloth,

With shiny glitter on,

She said that would not do,

And could we go to Amazon,

How about a belt?

And a pillowcase,

I’m sure there was a book,

Based on outer space?

Or even an old school tie,

Tucked inside your drawers,

You could be a cat,

If you walk on all fours.

What about a queen?

With a golden crown,

I think that I could do that,

With a dressing gown.

No more Mummy please,

I think I’ll dress myself,

I want to be inspiring,

Not sat there on the shelf.



Sat in a meeting room,

Longing to escape,

I can hear children laughing,

The sun beams through the window,

Taunting me calling me out-of-doors,

A cough brings me back to the room,

I wriggle in my seat,

Slide after slide, PowerPoint to the max,

Voices droning on…

Faces grey from lack of natural light,

But wait did they just say it was over?

Can I really go? Escape to the outside world?

The one with real flowers, not those drawn on,

Flinging open the door I breathe deeply,

The smell of newly mown grass hits the back of my throat,

I’m out!

Morning View…


The dog bin gleams in the morning frost,

Footsteps trace through crisp white grass,

Hot breath expelled on cold clean air,

Paths that sparkle like diamond cut glass.


This is the splendor of my day,

Birds are tweeting their morning song,

Whilst clouds scud across a sea blue sky,

And the universe lets me tag along.