That Time of Year…


The sun rises and the sun sets,

Darkness falls and the moon nestles amongst the stars,

The blustery autumnal wind strips the trees bare,

A flurry of gold and crimson leaves,

Dance silently on their final journey to mother earth,

Laying out a blanket for winter,

All this splendour I can see,

I wish you were here to see it too.

Ten Years…


For ten long years I’ve stood at this gate,

For ten long years I’ve tried not to be late,

For ten long years I’ve packed a lunch box,

For ten long years I’ve tried to get dirt out of white socks,

For ten long years I’ve watched you sprout,

For ten long years school’s been my hangout,

For ten long years I’ve waited by the class,

For ten long years I’ve watched you through glass,

I’d do it again just to see you flourish,

Your tender heart I would nourish,

I stand beside you tall and proud,

My darling girl, stand out from the crowd!

A Buzzing Sound…


Last night as I lay me down to sleep,

A funny noise in my ear did creep,

I flicked on the light beside my bed,

And there was a fly above my head,

Up I did leap waving my arms around,

But the fly still made that bussing sound,

It landed with aplomb on my curtain rail,

So I threw my book epic fail!

It went out of the open window,

I fell off the bed, and stubbed my toe,

The fly of course looked unperturbed,

That my nocturnal sleep had been disturbed,

I grabbed a towel flapping the air,

Whilst giving the fly my special glare,

It flew down around my face,

And settled upon my bed of lace,

I’d had enough war was declared,

That annoying fly would not be spared,

As I advanced with a menacing roar,

It got up and flew out the door!

Fortune is a Woman…


Fortune is a woman,

With skin so fair and golden hair,

Her sweet breath caresses your neck,

Her perfume is that of a thousand flowers,

She dices with your heart and dances with your soul,

And masters your destiny with a turn of the wheel,

Fortune is a woman – Fate is her sword.



I would like to be a butterfly,

Flitting around as the world passes by,

Resting on flowers that smell divine,

Soaking my wings in the deep sunshine,

No house to run, no bills to pay,

No boss to rule on a workday,

No true love to steal my heart,

A sea blue sky is my sweetheart,

Oh yes I could be a butterfly,

And watch the world just fluttery.


Que Sera Sera…


There is no tomorrow without today,

We live, we breathe, we love,

These are the threads that our lives hang by,

Endless possibilities, invisibly entwined,

Whilst we dream the universe creates,

Our wishes, our intentions, our desires,

Believe in yourself, hold fast your wishes,

And all will be yours.