European Union…


Are we in or are we out?

Do we really know what it’s all about?

Politicians spin the facts around,

Every day something new is found,

There’s millions spent and then there’s not,

Immigration’s thrown into the melting pot,

People are confused about how to vote,

The treasury tell us it’s about the banknote,

But what of our children, our doctors, and schools?

Of that there’s not mention, do they take us for fools?

The spin has to stop lay all the facts bare,

Stop bickering and point scoring,

And blowing hot air,

We all need to go and vote in June,

We have this chance nobody’s immune,

And then at the end, the count will begin,

The die will be cast either OUT or IN.

An Ageing Body…


My eyes are dim I cannot see,

My legs no longer bend at the knee,

My back is sore I cannot skip,

My elbows are stiff I’ve lost my grip,

The sounds that I catch just disappear,

I think I’ve got wax stuck in my ear,

And yet I’m as happy as can be,

My body is only part of me,

My heart feels love and my mind still works,

I think I am satisfied with these perks,

So I say to you all just enjoy each day,

Grab hold of life there’s no replay.

Tintagle Castle…


A cloudless sky, a turquoise sea,

In between legend, and myth,

A castle, a ruin, well-worn steps,

Travelled by our ancestors, now travelled by tourists,

Climbing, exploring, walking barefoot in the morning dew,

Our souls entwining with theirs, dreaming of our fate as did they,

Ancient rituals and secrets lie beneath the barren land,

Where spirits glide through the mist entwined amongst us,

Crumbling slate reflects the glorious sunset,

As we are caught up in the romance of our destiny.



Don’t judge me,

I’m a sensitive soul,

My heart misses a beat,

When I loose control.

Why do I have to justify?

Time and time again,

My actions my thoughts,

But do I ever complain?

My confidence rocked,

I crawl deep inside,

I don’t want to see you,

I just want to hide.

Don’t judge me,

I’m more than you see,

You may not like,

What I could be.

My heart on my sleeve,

I lay my soul bare,

How can you justify,

Throwing me into despair?

Like a flower I unfold,

A myriad of feelings,

Always smiling,

But forever concealing.



Lately I’ve been losing sleep,

My pillow wet as I weep,

A shattered vase a metaphor,

For damaged love that is no more.

I never meant any malice or spite,

I always thought you’d put up a fight,

If I’m not worth your time of day,

Then maybe it was right to walk away.

A sticking plaster covers my heart,

Hides the fact that we’re apart,

Lately I’ve been loosing sleep,

This secret of mine buried so deep.


It’s A Small World…


First there was me,

And then there was you,

With a world of love,

Just between us two.

I knew straightway,

You were made for me,

It was always,

Meant to be.

It’s a small world after all.

When you kissed me first,

My heart missed a beat,

Those lips of yours,

Tasted oh so sweet.

I knew you were mine,

Before nightfall,

It’s a small world,

After all.

There is just one moon,

And one golden sun,

And beneath the stars,

We become as one.

It’s a small world after all.