Throw Away February…30 Days of Decluttering…


30 items you must throw,

One a day to keep the flow,

It matters not if you give away,

Take to the tip or sell on eBay.

Ideas below to help you start,

With your clutter you must part,

And at the end you will see,

Having less stuff makes you free.


Old magazines

Stubs of candles

Clothes you never wear

DVD’s you don’t watch

Old underwear

Broken jewellery


Old paper receipts


Out of date coupons

Makeup past its best

Mismatched socks

Ancient spices

Duplicate items

Worn towels

Old handbags

VHS tapes

Books you have read

Expired medicines

Single earrings

Half finished craft projects

Old loyalty cards

Unfluffy cushions

Clothes that don’t fit


Old Christmas cards

Unused mugs

Mobile phone/tablet apps


Old mobile phone

The Carousel…


[Image: Freedom – The Carousel by Anne Wipf. Visit this talented artist at…/Freedom-The-carousel-25543


The horses spin on the carousel,

Capturing their riders in their spell,

Children eating candyfloss on their backs,

Racing along invisible tracks.

Holding tightly to their mane,

Around they go and around again,

The Wurlitzer plays its merry tune,

By the light of the sun and the merry moon.

When midnight strikes the horses run free,

Across the fields down to the sea,

To join the waves and frolic there,

Away from people and the noise of the fair.

Their magic released they gallop as one,

Until darkness fades and the rise of the sun,

Returning quietly over hill and dale,

The horses keep their secret tale.


Christmas Cheer…


It’s Christmas time,

We should be full of cheer,

Decs hanging up,

And a fridge full of beer.

But spare a thought,

For those we miss,

Their loving arms,

Their gentle kiss.

It’s hard for some,

To feel delight

When their heart is breaking,

Out of sight.

Light a candle,

Say a prayer,

Hold them dear,

And they’ll be there.

What is the point…


They cried and they died,

Became shadows and ghosts,

Fighting a bitter war.

And yet we live our contemporary lives,

Without thought or care of the past,

Instead we ask:

What is the point of a sunset?

What is the point of a snowflake?

What is the point of me?

From the graves of those past,

They would answer as one,

The point my dear is you are free!


Will’s War…


I’ve written a children’s book,

About a boy named Will,

He travels to the past,

Where he needs his wits and skill.

For children over 7,

And the young at heart,

Will’s stuck in World War II,

His life has come apart.

I hope you really like it,

The adventure and the thrill,

Of going on a journey,

To see what happens to Will.

It’s available for pre-order,

For just £7.99,

Just comment on this page,

And a copy I shall assign!



My heart is all a flutter

My breath just comes in gasps

Is it really true?

Or are they having a laugh

I’ve double-checked my email

And even printed out

The message from a PUBLISHER

I know it’s rude to shout

But I’m so excited

That they want to chat

I’m running round the house

Yelling like a prat

I really must stay calm

And wait quietly for the call

What if they want to tell me

It’s rubbish after all!

Perhaps I’ll do some cleaning

Dust and polish too

I really hate the waiting

It’s like an interview

I must pull myself together

Hold tightly to my heart

Oh how I hope they call me

Before I fall apart.