Author visits

Cherry is available for book signings and school/club visits. Her books are for anyone of any age but fit perfectly with middle-grade readers (7-11 year olds). 

Cherry is available for book signings and visits.

Meeting an author can encourage children to read and inspire them to write. It can also be an exciting way to learn about the subjects behind the books.

Will’s War fits well into KS2 History and English curriculum.

Will’s War tells the story of eleven-year-old Will, an ordinary child in the present day who travels in time back to World War II. Where he experiences life as an evacuee. Will’s War explores the differences between the two time periods by placing a modern day child into the chaos of the 1940s. With absent fathers fighting in the war and children separated from their families to live with complete strangers, Will realises that things in his own life could be worse. Will discovers both friendship and himself along the way, but can he discover how to get home?

She offers a variety of talks/workshops which can be tailored to your needs. See the list below for some ideas.

  • Book Talk
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Ideas – Where do they come from?
  • WW2 Workshop – Rationing – food and clothing
  • Understanding the experiences of Evacuees

“The children absolutely loved the workshop with Cherry. They came away from the session with so many ideas to get them started with writing their own stories and really enjoyed meeting a real author! Cherry worked hard to ensure that she created a workshop that suited our school’s needs. Thank you for such an inspiring day. K Corbett, Reading Leader.”

Contact: for further details and availability.