Will’s War – Coming March 2018

A book about a boy who finds an old air raid shelter when he comes back out he is not in his grandad’s garden but in the middle of Word War II.



A Kaleidoscope Of Poetry


My new book of poetry out now available as a book version or kindle through Amazon.  40 Poems mostly humorous, so not so but something for everyone! Just click on the Image to go directly to Amazon

Don’t Pick Your Nose Ned

Children's Book

A picture book written for very young children.  It has the classic feature of repeating lines so that children can anticipate the story and join in with the catchline.  It also teaches the days of the week whilst promoting the message ‘Don’t pick your nose’! Available now from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition. Or click the Createspace logo to go to the e store.

Branching Out

 Branching Out

My latest collection of ten short stories, written mostly in the romance genre.  These are quick reads, suitable for those times you just need to distract yourself from the mundane.  Available also in E-book format.

Available now from:




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