Throw Away February…30 Days of Decluttering…


30 items you must throw,

One a day to keep the flow,

It matters not if you give away,

Take to the tip or sell on eBay.

Ideas below to help you start,

With your clutter you must part,

And at the end you will see,

Having less stuff makes you free.


Old magazines

Stubs of candles

Clothes you never wear

DVD’s you don’t watch

Old underwear

Broken jewellery


Old paper receipts


Out of date coupons

Makeup past its best

Mismatched socks

Ancient spices

Duplicate items

Worn towels

Old handbags

VHS tapes

Books you have read

Expired medicines

Single earrings

Half finished craft projects

Old loyalty cards

Unfluffy cushions

Clothes that don’t fit


Old Christmas cards

Unused mugs

Mobile phone/tablet apps


Old mobile phone


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