What is the point…


They cried and they died,

Became shadows and ghosts,

Fighting a bitter war.

And yet we live our contemporary lives,

Without thought or care of the past,

Instead we ask:

What is the point of a sunset?

What is the point of a snowflake?

What is the point of me?

From the graves of those past,

They would answer as one,

The point my dear is you are free!



Will’s War…


I’ve written a children’s book,

About a boy named Will,

He travels to the past,

Where he needs his wits and skill.

For children over 7,

And the young at heart,

Will’s stuck in World War II,

His life has come apart.

I hope you really like it,

The adventure and the thrill,

Of going on a journey,

To see what happens to Will.

It’s available for pre-order,

For just £7.99,

Just comment on this page,

And a copy I shall assign!