I would like to be a butterfly,

Flitting around as the world passes by,

Resting on flowers that smell divine,

Soaking my wings in the deep sunshine,

No house to run, no bills to pay,

No boss to rule on a workday,

No true love to steal my heart,

A sea blue sky is my sweetheart,

Oh yes I could be a butterfly,

And watch the world just fluttery.



Que Sera Sera…


There is no tomorrow without today,

We live, we breathe, we love,

These are the threads that our lives hang by,

Endless possibilities, invisibly entwined,

Whilst we dream the universe creates,

Our wishes, our intentions, our desires,

Believe in yourself, hold fast your wishes,

And all will be yours.


What Is You?…

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.28.59.png

What is you?

I is alive,

Yeah, but what IS you?

I is compassionate,

I is understanding,

I is a melting pot full of desires,

Does that make you alive?

What makes ME is the ability to feel,

To hurt, to cry, to laugh, to love,

That is me.