A White Feather…


Yesterday a white feather graced my feet,

Is it you? I asked,

Today another at my door,

Is it you? I asked again,

And then a butterfly,

It is you I said with certainty,

Thank you for my gifts,

Thank you for letting me know,

I miss you, but I know you’re not far,

Maybe here now as I write this,

A feather, a message, an angel.





Time is fleeting

The illusion of hours, minutes, days and weeks,

Pass us by in our daily drudge of menial tasks,

We spend too long hating, regretting, hurting,


Feast your eyes on the sun embraced in a sea of cornflower blue,

And by night the moon shrouded in a dark velvet cloak,

Punctuated with twinkling stars,

Walk barefoot in luscious green grass,

Sit beneath a tree dream a little,

We all share the same sky the same universe,

In it’s beautiful glorious colours,

We should be kind,

Time is fleeting.