A Morning Stroll…


I went for a morning stroll today,

Wearing sunglasses and flip-flops,

And singing away.

The sun was out the sky was blue,

Lambs were frolicking,

Like they do.

My feet were cooled by the long grass,

Bees flirted with flowers,

As I walked passed.

But then oh no disaster struck,

My flip-flop stuck,

I was stood in sheep’s muck,

It oozed all over my pretty toes,

I bent town to see,

And the smell hit my nose.

With my tissue I rubbed it quick,

But it stuck to my fingers,

Oh how I felt sick.

Help me please I gave a moan,

My walk was ruined,

I just want to go home.

The moral of this poem is:

When you go out in the morning dew,

Keep a weather eye out,

For lots of sheep poo!