Don’t judge me,

I’m a sensitive soul,

My heart misses a beat,

When I loose control.

Why do I have to justify?

Time and time again,

My actions my thoughts,

But do I ever complain?

My confidence rocked,

I crawl deep inside,

I don’t want to see you,

I just want to hide.

Don’t judge me,

I’m more than you see,

You may not like,

What I could be.

My heart on my sleeve,

I lay my soul bare,

How can you justify,

Throwing me into despair?

Like a flower I unfold,

A myriad of feelings,

Always smiling,

But forever concealing.




Lately I’ve been losing sleep,

My pillow wet as I weep,

A shattered vase a metaphor,

For damaged love that is no more.

I never meant any malice or spite,

I always thought you’d put up a fight,

If I’m not worth your time of day,

Then maybe it was right to walk away.

A sticking plaster covers my heart,

Hides the fact that we’re apart,

Lately I’ve been loosing sleep,

This secret of mine buried so deep.