It’s A Small World…


First there was me,

And then there was you,

With a world of love,

Just between us two.

I knew straightway,

You were made for me,

It was always,

Meant to be.

It’s a small world after all.

When you kissed me first,

My heart missed a beat,

Those lips of yours,

Tasted oh so sweet.

I knew you were mine,

Before nightfall,

It’s a small world,

After all.

There is just one moon,

And one golden sun,

And beneath the stars,

We become as one.

It’s a small world after all.


World Book Day…


I had to dress my child,

As a character she had to go,

From a favourite book,

One that we both know.

She wanted to be a Gruffalo,

But I cannot sew,

So I suggested some staples,

And a lovely throw.

She didn’t fancy that,

So we had another think,

She wanted to be a princess,

In a dress, that was all pink.

I offered her the tablecloth,

With shiny glitter on,

She said that would not do,

And could we go to Amazon,

How about a belt?

And a pillowcase,

I’m sure there was a book,

Based on outer space?

Or even an old school tie,

Tucked inside your drawers,

You could be a cat,

If you walk on all fours.

What about a queen?

With a golden crown,

I think that I could do that,

With a dressing gown.

No more Mummy please,

I think I’ll dress myself,

I want to be inspiring,

Not sat there on the shelf.