Passport Blues…


I thought I’d get a passport, it can’t be all that hard

I need to get a photo, and use my credit card

I sat inside the booth and gave a little smile

Excited about the holiday and my new hairstyle

I needed to find a person to say that it was me

That smiled out from the photo, eyes just filled with glee

I took it to the post office my forms all neat in blue

‘Oh no’ the cashier smirked ‘Your photo will not do.

‘You really mustn’t smile and you need a pen that’s black

You’ll have to take another, fill it in and then come back’

I couldn’t believe my ears I had got it all so wrong

The holiday was approaching I didn’t have that long

I rushed back to the booth and gave a little scowl

This time it would be perfect, the rules I would not fowl

But then it snapped the photo, just as I gave a sneeze

I was rather blurred with my head between my knees

I heaved a hefty sigh, it’s harder than it looks

To get the perfect photo to put inside the books

I had one final try, I had to get it right

Or I could wave goodbye to sand and warm sunlight

This time it was successful I gave a little cheer

But wait, the lady stopped me ‘Your form is wrong my dear’

I gnashed my teeth in anger, and stamped my foot in vain

How can that be so? I really must complain

She pointed to word, that I had spelt all wrong

‘Now if you just re-do it, I’m sure we’ll get along’

Finally it was sorted, she logged it on the screen

I headed to the café in search of some caffeine

So now it’s in the post, I’ve got my fingers crossed

Waiting for it to arrive, I hope it doesn’t get lost!


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