You were here,

And now you’re not,

Dawn arrives,

Days trickle by,

Night falls,

And I’m all alone,

You’re in my heart,

But not our bed,

The wind still blows,

Rain still falls,

Sliding down the windowpane,

Mocking my tears,

The air moves,

I feel your presence,

Giving me strength,

Knowing you will be with me always.


Passport Blues…


I thought I’d get a passport, it can’t be all that hard

I need to get a photo, and use my credit card

I sat inside the booth and gave a little smile

Excited about the holiday and my new hairstyle

I needed to find a person to say that it was me

That smiled out from the photo, eyes just filled with glee

I took it to the post office my forms all neat in blue

‘Oh no’ the cashier smirked ‘Your photo will not do.

‘You really mustn’t smile and you need a pen that’s black

You’ll have to take another, fill it in and then come back’

I couldn’t believe my ears I had got it all so wrong

The holiday was approaching I didn’t have that long

I rushed back to the booth and gave a little scowl

This time it would be perfect, the rules I would not fowl

But then it snapped the photo, just as I gave a sneeze

I was rather blurred with my head between my knees

I heaved a hefty sigh, it’s harder than it looks

To get the perfect photo to put inside the books

I had one final try, I had to get it right

Or I could wave goodbye to sand and warm sunlight

This time it was successful I gave a little cheer

But wait, the lady stopped me ‘Your form is wrong my dear’

I gnashed my teeth in anger, and stamped my foot in vain

How can that be so? I really must complain

She pointed to word, that I had spelt all wrong

‘Now if you just re-do it, I’m sure we’ll get along’

Finally it was sorted, she logged it on the screen

I headed to the café in search of some caffeine

So now it’s in the post, I’ve got my fingers crossed

Waiting for it to arrive, I hope it doesn’t get lost!