I Wish…


I wish I had all the answers,

I wish I could see your face,

I wish I could make it happen,

I wish there was time and space.

I wish I could make it better,

I wish I could see your smile,

I wish I had the chance,

To show that you’re worthwhile.

I wish I had some magic,

To make the wrongs all right,

I wish I knew how to fix it,

And make the future look bright.

But all I have is me,

My heart and soul sincere,

I wish that you would read this,

And know that I want you near.



Anam Cara

Your art, my skin,

Welded together,

Your individuality on display,

Imparting little pieces of you,

We are:

Living, breathing, galleries,

A testimony to your work,

Your skill, your perseverance,

Addiction, symbolism, stories,

Tatau – Inked forever.

The Illusion…

Sad face

What you see is a charade, my facade,

My armour a smile painted on,

My shell welded in place,

Pretending in this world I belong.

My stomach in knots,

My heart skips a beat,

I am a lonely person,

Walking the street.

Inside I’m a wreak, floating adrift,

Smashing into the shore,

I crumble, I cry, I laugh, I die,

And now I am no more.

The Handstand…


Oh how I wish I were eight,

When a handstand felt just great,

I could walk round and round,

Without hitting the ground,

Or worrying about my weight.

That youthful state,

I wish to create,

So holding onto my gown,

I tipped upside down,

Saying a prayer for my fate.

My daughter did laugh,

I looked like a giraffe,

When my blood all drained,

And my body complained,

And my wrists nearly snapped in half.

So if you’re old like me,

And your eyes don’t see,

Just think it through,

What you’re body can’t do,

And instead have a cup of tea.

The Forgotten Bridge


This picture inspired my prose 🙂

On the other side lies Nirvana, a place of spiritual awakening where you can meet with those you have loved and lost. But first you must cross the bridge. Many before you have lost their lives in trying. Unable to return they haunt the bridge their anger turning the thin air putrid, they lurk in the shadowy mist waiting for you: To loose your courage, your footing, your dreams. Be strong, walk firmly, don’t look back……You might just succeed.

What Can I Do?…

Question Mark

It is very interesting to note what people like, some of my poetry gets many more hits than others. I would like your help in trying to pin down what stirs you, what makes you enjoy a poem, and what don’t you like? Feel free to message me through WordPress or FB. In the meantime I’m off to write about trying and failing to do a handstand!