Jamaica Inn…

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn where smugglers abound,

Their Ghostly sprits are all around,

A beautiful moor wild and bleak,

The rumours of which people still speak,

Take care in the dark and the dead of night,

For many people have taken flight,

The rattle of chains and hollow steps,

Do not come from sound effects,

A drink of mead to toast those who passed,

We enjoyed there we had a blast.


Adam and Eve…

Adam and Eve

In the garden Adam did stare,

At a beautiful Eve with flaxen hair,

They fell in love and became as one,

In the garden of Eden under the sun,

But one day a serpent did say,

‘Why don’t you eat this apple today?’

Eve was tempted and couldn’t resist,

The apple was sweet just like a kiss,

Ever told Adam that he should eat,

From the apple tree that tasted so sweet,

God displeased banished them both,

Saying they had broken their troth,

Cast out of the garden for evermore,

The meaning of life they must explore,

A world full of hope and mystery,

And the rest they say is history.

Levant Mine…

Levant Mine Cornwall

Through the fog the ruin stands proud,

The cloak of mist worn like a shroud,

Men have toiled and lost their lives,

Leaving behind children and wives,

In search of copper for the good life,

Spanning years of hardship, work and strife.

All in a Day…


The Sun King lazily rises above the horizon,

Kissing Mother Earth,

Awakening her with his golden rays,

Warming her soul,

Wispy clouds scud across a deep blue sky,

Like wishes floating on the breeze,

Deep in the woods a rainbow appears,

Vibrating a hue of magical colours,

Casting her magic into the universe,

Gradually night falls the day is done,

Mistress Moon casts her glow over the earth,

Creating shadows of dark and light,

Whilst the stars watch silently from above.

Camping Capers…


We needed a break nice and cheap,

So I bought a tent for us to keep,

Putting it up was a dreadful pain,

And then of course it started to rain,

We crawled inside and waited there,

Where one of the zips caught in my hair,

We tied the lines nice and tight,

Worried the wind would put up a fight,

In the night a gale did blow,

I’m sure it was cold enough to snow,

My husband said never again,

This bloody tent is such a pain,

His back was crooked, his temper short,

The holiday he said we must abort,

So now the tent he has sold,

No more sleeping in the cold.