Everyday full of..


Imagination and..


Visualise yourself..



Poetry in Motion…


A poem committed suicide,

No one to read the words inside,

Her dusty jacket faded grey,

She waited silently everyday,

For someone to love and hold her tight,

Someone whose joy she would excite,

Written within were prose and verse,

Other worlds you could transverse,

Alas alack nobody came,

She could only feel horror and shame,

She threw herself into the fire,

Her dying embers left to inspire.



I, miss, you…

I miss you more than you will ever know,

I miss you when I sleep,

I miss you when I wake,

I miss your sense of humour,

I miss your quirky smile,

I miss you everyday,

And everyday is hard,

But everyday I remember you,

And everyday I smile when I think about you,

Locked in my heart, for always,


About You…


You are not your mistakes,

You are not tainted from your failed attempts,

You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you,

You are unique,

You are beautiful,

Your soul soars for the sky,

The sun enfolds you in its blanket of sunshine,

Kissing you with its warmth, reminding you,

You are loved,

You are complete,

You are everything you need to be at this time,

Treasure you – for you are everything. (to me)



Have I got money to splash around?

Or an expensive car,

Costing thousands of pound.

Have I got a house, with a pool?

For the kids in the summer,

To keep them cool.

Or golden rings to adorn my hands?

Holidays abroad,

In golden sands.

My riches are more than those above,

Mine are made up of,

Memories and love.

The smile that lights up my child’s face,

When she climbs into,

My warm embrace.

My lovers arms, oh perfect bliss,

A cheeky smile,

And a stolen kiss.

A book, a song to lighten my day,

A chat with a friend,

Who’s been away.

Riches like these are mine to keep,

To remember each day,

As I go to sleep.