The Die is Cast…

Cherry Blossom

Cast a rune draw a card,

Be guided by love,

Treat all with regard,

A dream, a wish can be yours,

Take fate by the hand,

She’ll open the doors.

Show courage and faith,

Let joy in your heart,

Embrace the universe,

Of which you’re a part.

Live for the present,

Don’t dwell in the past,

Free your soul,

The die is cast.




Standing Stones and Wells, Waterfalls and Coves,

Cloaked in myth and mystery since the dawn of time,

Their wisdom and knowledge known only to Mother Earth,

Wizards and Witches, Pirates and Vagabonds,

Weave their souls into the very fabric of the land,

Spirits abound in the evening light,

Dancing in the shadows of love,

Once visited never forgotten the secrets remain untold,

A place of tranquillity, of beauty of solace.


Monday Madness…


I’m really rather rushed,

I don’t know where to start,

I’m trying to do the vacuuming,

And make the house look smart.

I think I’ll cut the lawn,

And maybe dye my hair,

I need to change the beds,

And find something nice to wear.

Maybe I’ll have a cuppa,

Put my feet up have a rest,

The house will still be waiting,

But I will be less stressed!



I waited for the postman; I waited home in vain,

I waited by the window in case he forgot again,

I didn’t go upstairs, or even out the back,

I didn’t want to miss him with my special pack,

But then the call of nature made me leave my spot,

I had to dash upstairs my legs tied in a knot,

I hastened to the loo and heaved a happy sigh,

But then I heard a knock, oh why, oh why, oh why?

I grabbed my drawers and ran back down to the door,

Only to find a card, dropped there on the floor,

‘Your parcel has been taken to the depot for collection,

Please wait 24 hours, I’m sure you have no objection.’

I ground my teeth in anger, and gave a little groan,

I’ve missed the bloody postman because I was on the throne!