School Run…


The kids can’t find their shoes,

Their kit bags or their lunch,

I think we might be late,

I have a little hunch.

The cat has taken the bobbles,

The girl ties in her hair,

And the boy has lost his glasses,

I might be known to swear.

They haven’t brushed their teeth,

Their hair looks like a nest,

One is in pyjamas,

The other’s still undressed.

I’m trying to do my make-up,

Get ready for my day,

My tights have got a hole in,

My face looks really grey.

We dash out of the door,

Not a minute left to spare,

And I’ve lost my keys,

I slink into despair.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better,

I’ll be organised and sweet,

I’ll be the perfect mummy,

I will not admit defeat!


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