The Full Set…


I’m a modern Man I’m very hip,

My face is now in fashion,

Some think that you might call it stubble,

But I love it with a passion.

A moustache and beard that makes a set,

To frame my lips and teeth,

And cover up the spotty skin,

That lurks there just beneath.

I’m often told it’s all the rage,

It is the latest trend,

To cultivate ones facial hair,

That grows from end to end.

My Girlfriend isn’t keen,

Although she’s very polite,

To be so very hairy,

She says it’s not quite right.

She thinks that I look older,

Now I’m not so keen,

I’d rather be called youthful,

Than an old has been.


The Stage of Life…


How well can you smile and hold your head high,

How well can you smile when inside you cry,

How well can you smile and make your eyes dance,

When you don’t think you’re worth a second glance,

How well can you perform on the stage of life,

When people’s words cut like a knife,

How long can you keep up the charade you show,

When nobody sees the anxiety below,

Like a moth to the flame you’ll slowly burn out,

That’s not what life is all about.

A Fond Farewell…


Its time to say goodbye to my cat,

She been with my through this and that,

Her life has been long stretching out in the sun,

Playing with others and having fun.

But now her eyes have lost their glow,

Her hearing’s poor and her walk is slow,

I know she’ll be happy in her resting place,

There will be other cats there and mice to chase.

I’ll miss her much when I sit on the chair,

And when I look round she won’t be there,

But I know in spirit she’ll be with me,

Her head resting gently on my knee.

Goodbye Meg from our earthly plain,

I’m sure one day we’ll meet again.