Missing You…


The house is noisy kids playing chase,

But your not here there’s an empty space,

I’ve set the table, but just for three,

I wish you were joining me for tea.

I stand so proud of your ambition,

You know what you want you’re on a mission,

I hope we meet again before long,

You remain in my heart where you belong.


Destiny Unfolds…

Tree of Life

I have lived a thousand lives,

And made a thousand mistakes,

Yesterday has passed tomorrow’s to come,

Hopes and blessings waiting to be found,

Like treasures beneath the sea.

My universe is shaped through love and light,

My heart vibrates with mother earth,

And my soul calls out to the wind,

The moon and stars reflect my dreams,

As I sit beneath the Tree of Life,

My destiny unfolds.

My Eyes Are Weak…


I frowned at the paper the writing’s too small,

I squeezed my eyes tighter into a ball,

I still couldn’t see the words weren’t clear,

They all jumbled up I felt quite queer.

I think you need glasses said hubby with a smile,

You haven’t been to the opticians for a long while,

Ridiculous I said with a bit of a sneer,

I don’t need glasses I shall persevere.

You’re being too vain there’s lots that will suit,

I will come with you it will be a hoot,

So off to Spcecsavers we went with a roar,

My husband manhandled me through the door.

Tut tut said the optician with a glint in his eye,

It’s glasses for you no need to cry,

The words on the paper will fall into place,

There’s even a chain he said with a straight face.

There’s gold and silver and purple and red,

And all sorts of frames to fit on your head,

Heavily I sighed and tried on a pair,

Not liking the thought of them tangling my hair.

Imagine my glee when the words became clear,

I could see I would have to get over my fear,

I chose designer and asked hubby to pay,

The price on the ticket nearly turned him grey!

The moral of the story is don’t be vain,

Better to have glasses than eye-strain!

A Piece of Me…


I turned and watched you walk away,

Just like I do every day,

You took a piece of my heart,

It hurts me so, that we’re apart,

I count the hours till I see your smile,

It makes the waiting, all worthwhile,

Without you I come undone,

You’re my life, the stars and sun,

I only dreamed of a love like this,

The softest caress, a gentle kiss,

You touched a part of my soul,

Two halves as one, you make me whole.

The Tulip…


Fabulously frilly Tulips,

All in pastel hues,

Standing in a vase,

To take away the blues.

Their petals soft as velvet,

Balanced on green stems,

One of nature’s secrets,

Her hidden little gems.

They remind me spring is close,

The warm air’s on its way,

Birds in the garden singing,

Children out to play.