Earth, Air, Fire and Water,

I call upon your divine powers,

A Fire burns deep in my heart,

The Wind whips thorough my hair,

And Water laps the sand at my feet,

I draw upon nature’s pure energy,

From the depths of Mother Earth,

To renew my soul and nurture my spirit,

Ancient wisdom and knowledge become mine,

As I bask in the tranquil light,

Casting shadows on the pathway to serenity.


Hannah Aged 10…

This is for Hannah,

A poor wee ghost,

Who’s louder than some,

And smaller than most.

On the night in question,

We didn’t meet,

But I heard the patter,

Of your ghostly feet.

I hope you saw,

The teddy bear,

Placed on the bed,

To show we care.

I like to think,

I felt your touch,

Stroking my hair,

It meant so much.

I send you love,

And wish you peace,

The joy you give,

Will never cease.

And though our realms,

Will never entwine,

I know that night,

You sent a sign.

The Waterfall…


I am you,

And you are me,

Spirit of the river,

Set me free.

I feel your strength,

I’m at one with you,

Your mighty power,

Holds me true.

I stand in awe,

As you crash to the ground,

The feeling is awesome,

Truly profound.

I toss a pebble in

Your waters deep,

In honour and memory,

Of those that sleep.

I catch your spray,

Upon my face,

This truly is,

A magical place.

Thank you

50 Shades…


I went to meet a friend,

For a cuppa and a chat,

We talked of work and kids,

And a bit of this and that.

We had a slice of cake,

And nattered then of love,

And how we have to give,

Our guys a little shove!

We spoke of 50 shades,

And all the naughty sex,

And wondered if we should,

If that’s what our men expect?

We decided whips and chains,

Were a little past our duty,

But we could do a little dance,

And wriggle our plump booty,

We remembered how they fart,

And choose football over us,

Then they think we’re moaning,

And making such a fuss.

We set the world to rights,

As we sipped upon our tea,

Then used their credit card,

To go on a shopping spree.


Do you ever look back?

No regrets?

Do you always face front?

Marching blindly on?

Are you scared to let go?

And scared to succeed?

Do you plan your future,

In tiny detail?

Or let it happen by chance?

When you allow mistakes,

When you let go of fear,


Then you are truly magnificent

Then you will become what you were meant to be

On Moving House…


Chickens dogs, and rabbits too,

They need to go there’s too much poo,

The garden tidied ready for sale,

Ignore the fence that blew down in the gale.

Spray fabreze around the place,

When buyers come put a smile on your face,

They might be rude they might want to deal,

Tell ‘em it’s a bargain the price is a steal.

Pack up your stuff and settle anew,

With the dogs, and rabbits and chickens too,

Put up your pictures and make it home,

The king of the castle the queen of the throne.