Tea Boy…


I have a lovely tea boy,

One to do my bidding,

He often bring me cakes,

It’s true, I’m just not kidding!

Although I have to say,

His drinks could be more sweet,

I’d really like a whole sugar,

Now that would be a treat!

Now he’s gone away,

Who will make my tea?

There’s no one else in here,

To hear my silent plea!


Heart Stopping…

Broken Heart

How is it you can reduce me to this?

My heart is cut to the quick,

My head say try to rationalise,

My stomach feels tight and sick.

Tears pour slowly down my face,

Dripping quietly on my phone,

In this moment right here now,

I feel I’m totally alone.

What can I do? How to respond?

When I’m hurting deep inside,

Retreat, curl up, walk away,

I guess I’ll still have my pride.

My World…

<Pink clouds

Come live in my world,

It’s fluffy and pink,

Where nobody’s killed,

And I’m not tied to the sink.

The stars are diamonds,

That glow in the night,

Where butterflies are souls,

That dance in the light.

The garden is full,

Of Fairies that play,

Hiding in flowers,

During the light of the day.

Jack Frost is real,

You can see his work,

And trees have branches,

Where spirits lurk.

Rainbows and Unicorns,

Are commonplace,

And spiders make webs,

To be sold as lace.

There’s no cross words,

Or tears to dry,

I like it here,

I wonder why?



Feeling up feeling down,

Feel like wearing my dressing gown,

Feeling happy feeling sad,

Feeling naughty feeling bad,

Feeing cheerful feeling bright,

Feel like dancing through the night,

Feeling precious feeling adored,

Feeling glad that I have scored.

Take a seat…


Who would sit on this bench with me?

Watching the birds and the roll of the sea,

Would it be you whom I love so dear?

Or someone who’s passed, I wish was here.

I’d snuggle up close as day turned to night,

We watch the stars all twinkling bright,

Time would stand still, as memories poured,

From deep within where they lay stored.

Then I’d turn to look deep in your eyes,

To find you gone to my surprise,

The bench was empty I stifled a scream,

With a twist of fate I realised it was a dream.