Long Distance Love…



Hello mother and stepfather,

Here I am at Bristol harbour,

It is raining, I’m not complaining,

But it makes moving even harder.

Got my room in the hall,

It is cosy, but quite small,

Miles from Uni, my legs are puny,

I don’t think that I can walk at all!

I have no cash, I’m not flash,

I need my grant for beer and hash,

Can you send a takeaway?

Or I will have to live on beans and mash.

Soon be Christmas and I’ll be home,

Now dearest mother I heard you groan!

Buy some gin, it’s not a sin,

I’m sure you don’t want me to be alone.

Now I must go, and see my tutor,

No more games on my computer,

Must not be late, or hesitate,

I am working towards my future!



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