Breakfast Bar…

breakfast bar

My kitchen is just lovely it has a breakfast bar,

My husband knocked it up he is a superstar,

Now the kids can eat whist I pop up the toast,

I can even make a cuppa, I am the perfect host.

I no longer need to run, to the dining room,

My world is full of smiles no more doom and gloom,

The floor is easy clean, the stools are nice and neat,

It really is superb, a lovely place to eat.

Now I want some tiles and a nice new sink,

I’m sure that he could do it before I even blink,

Maybe change the cupboards, add some shiny taps,

Let’s not go to mad, I don’t want him to collapse.

And did I mention the bathroom, it needs a nice new suite,

And maybe underfloor heating for my chilly feet,

I’ll write a list of jobs and leave it on the wall,

And maybe he can do them afore it is nightfall!


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