Scratchcard Dreams…


I scratched away my hopes and dreams,

On a ticket from the shop,

I scratched it with a golden coin,

I thought my heart would stop.

But alas, alack I dreamed in vain,

Of the riches I could win,

My thoughts of diamonds truly crushed,

My money’s wearing thin,

No more I’ll gamble on impulse,

Spending to extremes,

I understand the lottery is…,

Tax on a poor girl’s dreams.



Paper Money…


My uncle used to slide, unto my little hand,

A crisp note made of paper, with £5 round its band,

My Mother used to tell me, it wouldn’t buy a toy,

And she would swap me coins, I think it was a ploy,

She pocketed the note a smile upon her lips,

And then she sauntered off, to buy us fish and chips,

It’s only now I’m older, I’ve realised the trick,

I’ve tried on my kids, but they are far too quick,

I wish I’d kept the note, tucked gently in my fist,

I’m sorry Uncle Bert, you’re really truly missed.

An Alternative Point of View…


I feel things differently from you,

Emotions bombard my senses,

Like rain pelting the ground,

I begin to feel out of control,

I tighten my jaw and grind my teeth,

In anticipation of the onslaught,

Confusion arises,

I try to smile, as my heart pounds against my ribs,

Feeling giddy and sick,

I quickly retreat,

Behind my mask of indifference.

A Lie In…


I woke up to a cup of tea, placed beside my head,

How it really made me smile, that I could stay in bed,

Now I wonder where’s the toast? And the daily news?

All this effort makes me tired, maybe I’ll have a snooze.

I wonder when I wake up will I get a snack?

Maybe I’ll call down, it’s what I call payback,

I’m all warm and cosy don’t think I want to move,

I know that you’ll be frowning, I’m sure you disapprove.

I’m sure that by tomorrow normal service will restart,

I will come with coffee, I know it now by heart,

You will roll and grunt and I will smile and sigh,

As I wave my distant lie in with a sad goodbye.