Bra Shopping…


I need a new bra, of that there’s no doubt,

My boobs no longer, thrust prettily out,

So off the to lingerie shop I dash,

Wearing a loose top and waving some cash.

The fitter whips out her measure, so cold,

And bade me strip off my bra of old,

She prods and she pokes and squints just a bit,

Hands in the air I quietly submit.

‘There’s wired and peep hole, and there’s padded too,

But none of those would be right for you,

There’s push up and plunge and strapless as well,

Without trying them on we really can’t tell.’

Abandoned and naked, I waited in awe,

She went and fetched some bra’s from her drawer,

She said try all these and we’ll check the fit,

It’s certainly a challenge I’ll have to admit!

And finally she said with a bit of a sigh,

‘Your boobs won’t fit I don’t know why?

Maybe you need a bit more support

You could try an F cup as a last resort’.

My skin was all blotchy; I could take no more,

I unhooked my old bra from the back of the door,

I think this is perfect, I said with a smile,

It’s comfy and nice and fits my lifestyle.

My husband may not fall into a swoon,

When he rips of my top in the afternoon,

But my boobs will rejoice, to be set free,

Even as they graze my knee.

Maybe it’s time to buy a warm vest,

To keep out the chill from my poor chest,

The look is not glamorous I must confess,

But a lot less hassle and without all the stress!


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