I thought I’d do the garden,

It needs a little trim,

By doing all the weeding,

I’ll keep nice and slim!

The roses need dead heading,

I need a special tool,

I’d rather have a gin,

And lie down by the pool.

The grass is getting longer,

The daises have all spread,

And now they’re even growing,

In my flower bed.

The flowers all need water,

They’re looking rather dry,

I’ll have to get the hose,

Before they start to fry!

There’s no room in the garden,

For my lawn croquet,

Because it is so messy,

My balls have gone astray.

I used to have a pond

With fishes swimming by

But the birdies came and ate them

That just made me cry

I think I’ll get a chair,

And sit out in the sun,

Maybe someone else,

Will get my garden done!


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