Midnight glided across the landscape,

Her black velvet cloak shimmered

With the reflection of a thousand stars,

Time stood still as she shrouded all in her wake,

Mistress of the night, she bade the moon good morrow,

Embraced the spirits that walked unseen,

And vanished into the darkness, as the earth slept on.




I am a little Badger, I’ve done a little poo,

I’ve left it in the sand, hiding there for you,

I didn’t have a bag, to put it neatly in,

Or somewhere nice to throw it, like a doggie bin,

I often use a tree to leave my little surprise,

But I couldn’t find one, so I apologise,

I hope the children avoid it, with their little toes,

And some kindly person will find it and dispose!

Mirror of Life…

Woman and Mirror

As she looked into the mirror of life,

Her collection of experiences echoed behind her,

A medley of multicolours, as encounters and events merged,

The beauty of her soul reflected by the lines etched on her face,

Skin papery and loose, showed she had lived, loved, lost, laughed and cried,

Children brought grandchildren all clamouring for her stories,

Her voice now slivery, was once light and honeyed,

But her memories remained carved in her heart,

Bound together by the wreaths of time,

The rhythmic pulse of the universe continued,

Her spirit marked out the days to come,

For ninety years she had walked the earth,

In celebration of life.


Spirits of the mist…


The spirits of the mist rise up,

Weaving through the gossamer of time,

Guardians of the forest hold their secrets,

Known only to fay and woodland folk,

Their voices whisper on the breeze,

As gentle as a feather floating to the ground,

The four-quarter elements slowly awaken,

And stand ready to serve when called,

The magic combines with the slip of time,

To change those that enter forever,

A feeling, a thought a new desire,

A sense of wellbeing, belonging and love.


An Itch…

Dog Flea

Scratch beneath the surface of life,

Like a dog with a flea,

To reveal a kaleidoscope of possible opportunities,

Throbbing silently below,

Will you dare?

Will you scratch?

Or will you ignore the itch?

Treat it as one of life’s irritations,

Wait for fate to play her hand.

The Carnival of Life…


Step onto the Carnival of life my friend,

Come ride along with me,

There’s up’s and down’s,

Good times and bad,

Tears of sorrow and tears of joy,

As we roller-coaster through the years,

We’ll love, we’ll loose, we’ll take some risks,

We’ll grow and change together,

Let’s celebrate our differences,

Dance naked through the trees,

The rhythm of nature the beat of time,

Will continue everlong,

Sun and stars moon and sky,

An infinite universe,

The birdsong remains the same,

Eventually the colours will fade away,

As we return to dust.