Shopping Spree…



It’s my birthday to Amazon I flee,

Voucher in hand on a shopping spree,

I wiz through the page with sheer delight,

Never once thinking of the workers plight.

I browse all manner of goods for sale,

From books on cookery written in braille,

To perfume and shoes and garden tools,

Lest not forget the sparkly jewels.

Oh how I wish I could buy some more,

I would buy bags that I adore,

I’d order some flowers and chocolates too,

I’d order some shoes that don’t need glue

The day soon arrives when the parcels are due,

I’ll stay home sick, and make a brew,

Watching the cars go up and down,

Knowing for sure I’ll be the talk of the town.

My excitement unbound I’ll rush to the door,

And accost the postman we’ll wrestle to the floor,

The packets at last will all be mine,

I bow to Amazon that’s my shrine.




Think of the staff that slog away,

Working in a warehouse twelve hours a day,

They rush up and down their feet getting sore,

Filling their trollies with goods from the store.

They have to push on it’s a race against time,

If they don’t get their orders it’s considered a crime,

They must not go sick, they must not fail,

There is no room for the weak or frail,

Conditions are rough, conditions are hard,

The pay is crap but stay on guard,

The managers watch to see who to sack,

They know in the end the staff will crack.

So when you click on that Amazon link,

Take a moment, pause, and think,

When the parcel arrives on your mat double quick,

Please spare a thought for those that pick.


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