Oh How I wish I Was Young



Oh how I wish I was young,

I could dance by the light of the sun,

I could sway and groove,

Throw the odd move,

And show the teenagers how it’s done.

I could ballet and tap,

Dance to some rap,

Do an Irish jig,

Without sweating like a pig,

Or falling in someone’s lap,

Oh those days I remember so well,

The music made my heart swell,

My feet led the way,

I could dance all day,

As graceful as a Gazelle.

And now I’m too stiff to move,

I can’t do bump, grind and grove,

It would make you grin,

When I land on my chin,

I’m sure you would disapprove.

So now it’s time to stop,

No more the Bunny Hop,

Time to retire,

Put my feet up by the fire,

And take off my old tank top!


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