A Faulty Dream…



How have I grown? What have I learnt?

Do I really covet possessions?

Fame and fortune? Wealth and riches?

Luxury and extravagance?

Have I been seduced by my rose tinted glasses?

Is this what life is about?

I look deep into my soul,

Count my blessings, and move forward,

Physically, mentally and spiritually,

Become one with space and time,

Thoughtful and considerate,

These are the ties that bind me now.

Emotion, passion, empathy,

All share a bed with me,

Lessons in life and mistakes from my past,

Show me how to adapt and grow.

Not shackled by societies view,

The government’s faulty dream,

The Joneses and materialism,

That status and consumption rule.

Not for me this fair trodden path,

Of greed and anger and spite,

I choose love and peace and happiness,

Mindful of my soul, that beauty lies within,

We water the earth,

Mother Nature gives us flowers.


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