Caravan tales…



We went away in our caravan,

A holiday for us all,

But I forgot to pack my shoes,

So I couldn’t go to the ball.

Never mind my husband said,

We can have a lovely swim,

I’m sure you will enjoy it,

It will keep your figure trim.

I couldn’t wait for night-time,

To rest my weary head,

But then I suddenly realised,

I was in a camping bed.

All I could hear were owls,

And feel the chilly breeze,

Whipping round my regions,

Causing me to sneeze.

I ventured to the toilet,

I knew twas warm in there,

But I tripped over a tent peg,

Causing me to swear.

I couldn’t wait for morning,

It had to be much better,

Oh no it’s very windy,

And I forgot a sweater.

So next time we are going,

I’ll let my husband pack,

And I will enjoy the knowledge,

That he will surely crack!


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