A Faulty Dream…



How have I grown? What have I learnt?

Do I really covet possessions?

Fame and fortune? Wealth and riches?

Luxury and extravagance?

Have I been seduced by my rose tinted glasses?

Is this what life is about?

I look deep into my soul,

Count my blessings, and move forward,

Physically, mentally and spiritually,

Become one with space and time,

Thoughtful and considerate,

These are the ties that bind me now.

Emotion, passion, empathy,

All share a bed with me,

Lessons in life and mistakes from my past,

Show me how to adapt and grow.

Not shackled by societies view,

The government’s faulty dream,

The Joneses and materialism,

That status and consumption rule.

Not for me this fair trodden path,

Of greed and anger and spite,

I choose love and peace and happiness,

Mindful of my soul, that beauty lies within,

We water the earth,

Mother Nature gives us flowers.


Caravan tales…



We went away in our caravan,

A holiday for us all,

But I forgot to pack my shoes,

So I couldn’t go to the ball.

Never mind my husband said,

We can have a lovely swim,

I’m sure you will enjoy it,

It will keep your figure trim.

I couldn’t wait for night-time,

To rest my weary head,

But then I suddenly realised,

I was in a camping bed.

All I could hear were owls,

And feel the chilly breeze,

Whipping round my regions,

Causing me to sneeze.

I ventured to the toilet,

I knew twas warm in there,

But I tripped over a tent peg,

Causing me to swear.

I couldn’t wait for morning,

It had to be much better,

Oh no it’s very windy,

And I forgot a sweater.

So next time we are going,

I’ll let my husband pack,

And I will enjoy the knowledge,

That he will surely crack!

All Woman…



I am a woman,

I am complete,

I hold down a job,

With kids what a feat.

I’m sexy and smart,

I laugh and I cry,

I can add two and two,

I will always get by.

I can choose to be mum,

And to have a career,

I can choose high heals,

Or choose to drink beer.

I can choose to be married,

Or single and free,

In love with a woman,

Just like me.

Prime Minister, Queen,

Or super rock star,

You won’t hold me back,

I’ll burn my bra.

Forget the glass ceiling,

I’ll reach for the stars,

The world is my oyster,

I’ll aim for Mars.

A Giraffe Laugh…



I met a Giraffe wearing a scarf,

On her way to London,

I said to her would you like a ride,

Here’s a bag pop inside,

She jumped right in with joyful glee,

Look I fit as you can see,

What a wonderful bag, I love it so,

Would you ever let it go?

No I replied my head in a spin,

There’s secrets buried deep within,

She stuck her head in and poked around,

There are no secrets to be found,

You have to know the magic word,

I said with a smile that was absurd,

Well that’s just silly, she said with a bleat,

I think I’d rather use my feet,

On saying that she clambered out,

Goodbye to you,

She said with a shout.

I’m Just A Girl…



I’m just a girl,

In front of a boy,

I tweak my hair,

And act all coy.

Shy and bashful,

Full of desire,

I want him so much,

My pants are on fire.

He looks at me,

With a cheesy grin,

If I rip my clothes of,

Is it a sin?

Will he still like me?

When tomorrow comes,

When we’ve been naked,

And he’s seen my bum?

I want his love,

I want his baby,

Does he want me?

Maybe oh maybe.

It’s so hard,

To play it cool,

When he’s so great,

I’m I a fool?

If I walk away,

Will he follow me?

I’ll take a chance,

And wait and see.