And through the night the stars shine down,

Keeping watch on village and town,

Some people sleep and dream till dawn,

And others work and babes are born,

The moon hangs low in the velvet sky,

The birds are quiet till dawn is nigh,

The day begins with hope anew,

As fresh as a daisy in the morning dew.





I wrote my name in the sand,

And watched as the waves crept slowly over it,

Washing it away, erasing it as if it had never been.

A metaphor for life, we come into being we exist,

And then we return to the earth.

Use the time wisely grow, laugh, love,

Touch someone’s heart make a difference,

Don’t let the sands of time wash away your life.

Living in fear, darkness and destruction,

Move into the light seek courage,

You are a truly fabulous being,

Unique and individual capable of greatness.

Cherry Blossom…

Cherry Blossom


Spring breaths gently on the branches of the Cherry Blossom,

Gradually she awakens, her colour bursting forth

Her delicate flowers are a riot of colour clamouring for attention,

Pink and glorious, like candyfloss swaying in the breeze

She brings joy to all who behold, a perfect picture

A moment in time, feast your eyes, relish in her beauty,

Her ephemeral splendour reminds us we are here only briefly,

To shine, to be unique, to be loved

Mother Nature – Truly magnificent.


Birthday cake


Baby boy is eleven today,

The time has flown right away,

A babe in arms was mine to hold,

A personality to unfold.

Soon he won’t hang out with me,

My apron strings he’ll want to flee,

And I will have an empty nest,

But as his mother I am blessed.

Precious Moments…

Holding Hands


‘When I’m five you won’t need to hold my hand anymore,’ says my four-year-old daughter.

‘But I will still want to,’ I reply.

‘Why?’ Says she.

‘Because holding you hand is a precious gift and one day I won’t have any hands to hold.’

‘Well I think I’ll be too grown up to hold yours,’ she replies with a skip.

And there in lies the crux of the matter. I will always want to hold on to her.  Whilst she will always want to break free.

Precious moments – treasure them, time changes everything.