Forgotten Love…



Can you see the pain,

Hidden in my eyes?

When you say you love me,

I know that it’s all lies.

I’ve seen the looks you give her,

As she turns and waves goodbye,

You can’t really hide it,

No matter how you try.

I’ve heard you talking in you sleep,

Your muttered thoughts of lust,

I know that I don’t feature,

Don’t say that I’m unjust.

I see you gaze into the distance,

Your heart’s not mine to hold,

And then you give a little sigh,

It makes me feel so old.

Our time together is over,

You’re free to walk away,

I will always love you,

Forever and a day.


Glory of Love…



I found you in the strangest place,

My love was plain to see,

I wanted to make you forever mine,

My eternal destiny.

I wore my heart upon my sleeve,

And threw away my pride,

I came to you with all my faults,

Your arms were open wide.

I’ll be with you forever,

You fit me like a glove,

And when they talk about us,

They’ll say it’s the glory of love.