A book of forty poems,

That I have truly writ,

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Full of humour and good wit!!





I am an old romantic,

I love flowers and chocolate too,

And when the clock strikes midnight,

I’ll loose my crystal shoe.

I know my prince will find me,

I’m surely worth the wait,

And when we come together,

We’ll have our first blind date.





The bathtub’s overflowing,

The ducks are swimming away,

This can only mean one thing,

The kids are in to play.

The floor is slightly flooded,

The bubbles are very high,

I’m putting on my lifejacket,

In case the end is nigh.

They’ve added in some crayons,

Now the water’s gone all green,

I don’t think I can see them

I hope their getting clean.

Now the kids have pistols,

They’re spraying me like mad,

I’m hiding under an umbrella,

I know it’s very sad!

I’ll have to get their towels,

And try to get them out,

And then I need to lie down,

Of that there is no doubt.

I think I’ll make them shower,

When they start to stink,

And hide out in the bedroom,

With a largish drink!




Here is a little funny! Couldn’t resist…

Some people they wear pants,

And others they wear drawers,

Some have lovely bloomers,

That reach down to the floor,

I just want some knickers,

To hide my derrière,

And keep my bum from freezing,

In the cold night air!