New beginnings…

The sea


New year,

New moon,

New beginnings.

A time to clarify your thoughts,

De-clutter your life, and your mind,

Be open to change.

Today is a gift, tomorrow is not promised.

Dance in the rain, shout in the wind,

Beauty surrounds you.

Choose a path, take a stroll, stretch your mind.

Grow a little, reach for the stars…


Christmas Cheer…

christmas gift

I am a busy mother,

harassed at Christmas time.

I think I need to lie down,

and drink a vat of wine.

I have to write some cards,

buy some presents too.

How am I to find the time?

I haven’t got a clue.

Roll on Christmas morning,

the kids will be all joy.

They’re bound to play with boxes,

not the bloody toy!

The house is all untidy,

I’ve given up, it’s true.

Think I’ll take my wine,

and hide out in the loo!

Christmas Cheer…



Feeling a bit random today so here are two short poems – Christmas being the theme…

I am the Christmas fairy,

I come out once a year.

You stick me on your treetop,

A place I really fear.

I watch you eat your dinner,

And have a slug of rum.

While I twinkle in the firelight,

With needles up my bum.


I am a Christmas angel,

Sat atop your tree.

Granting you Christmas wishes,

One and two and three.

Make sure you use them wisely,

Don’t rush and use in haste.

You only get them once a year,

They cannot be replaced!






Time:  A reminder of what we have and what we miss.

We smile, we live, we love, we laugh.

We never forget those we love who have left us behind.

They sit quietly within our thoughts and our dreams.

Tomorrow is not promised.

Life is fleeting, a gift, a moment in time,

precious and delicate woven like butterfly wings.

Things can change in the flutter of a heartbeat,

sadness and joy, an endless circle.

No beginning, no end, no answers.

Accept, embrace, be thankful,

You have today.

Life is beautiful, even if the sun doesn’t shine.




Winter creeps in with a chill in her bones,

And ice on her lips, eyes as deep as stars.

She stretches her fingers to the dying sun,

Spreading cold and darkness to the land.

Yet we honour her beauty and respect her wisdom,

As she invokes her magic spell.

It is a time of waiting, reflecting, meditating.

A time of change and inner struggle, but

Darkness will turn to light, shadows will be cast away,

Our hopes restored, our spirits reborn.

We rejoice in her courage, take stock from her strength.

And as we dream, she gently kisses the face of spring.

The wheel turns again.







I think I’ve lost my muse, it’s gone and ran away!

I’ve looked in all the cupboards, and even tried to pray.

I’ve called it from the bedroom and the garden too,

I know you won’t believe me, but it’s really true.

I wonder how to find it? Will it ever come back?

If it really doesn’t I’ll have a panic attack.

Perhaps I’ll sit here quietly pretending I don’t care,

Then maybe I will trick it into my little lair.