Silver Moonlight…


Oh how I wish I could fly,

Like a witch on a broom in the sky.

I’d make potions and spells,

And all kind of smells,

Clutching my wand close by.

I’d wear a cloak, all black,

And knickers made from old sack.

My tights of blue,

Would have to make do,

I’m not going to ask for feedback.

There’d be a big pot on to heat,

I’d fill it with dandelions and wheat.

Then mix in a feather,

With a bit of old leather,

And use it for trick or treat.

I’d have a familiar called Cat,

Who would have green eyes, and all that.

He’d follow me round,

With a leap and a bound

And wearing my pointy hat.

We’d go out in the woods at night,

Give Owl and Bat a fright.

They’d be surprised to see,

A witch like me,

Dancing in the silver moonlight.


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