Today a butterfly landed on my hip

Her touch was soft as a kiss on the lips

I know that you are still with me

In all that I do, and all that I see

No longer alone as I journey along

The thought of your love keeping me strong

The worlds are close, the time is right

I bide you sit with me tonight

Together we’ll watch the moon rise high

Remember that, time soon passes by

I’ll light a candle to keep you near

I’ll raise a glass and shed a tear

Spirits abound the earth this night

And stay with us till morning light

The old Year is done, it starts to wane

The New Year begins, it’s now Samhain

Blessed be until we meet again


Silver Moonlight…


Oh how I wish I could fly,

Like a witch on a broom in the sky.

I’d make potions and spells,

And all kind of smells,

Clutching my wand close by.

I’d wear a cloak, all black,

And knickers made from old sack.

My tights of blue,

Would have to make do,

I’m not going to ask for feedback.

There’d be a big pot on to heat,

I’d fill it with dandelions and wheat.

Then mix in a feather,

With a bit of old leather,

And use it for trick or treat.

I’d have a familiar called Cat,

Who would have green eyes, and all that.

He’d follow me round,

With a leap and a bound

And wearing my pointy hat.

We’d go out in the woods at night,

Give Owl and Bat a fright.

They’d be surprised to see,

A witch like me,

Dancing in the silver moonlight.

A Cornish Escape…


A superb place I found whilst on holiday in Cornwall.

I think I’ve found my paradise, and she lies in a little cove.

Her golden shores calling me, her waves just like a caress.

Her beauty lies unspoilt, nature is never tamed.

The greens and blues, and yellow hues contrast,

Under a cloudless sky, only glimpsed from up above.

The soft curves of her bay hold her secret close.

I think I’ve found my paradise, she’s etched into my soul.




Dancing to work in sandals,

My face turned to the rain,

The wind blows through the treetops,

Whispering her secrets again.

The leaves all red and yellow,

Come tumbling to the ground

I just want to kick them

And sprinkle them around

It makes me feel so happy,

To see them twirl and fall,

I must gather them together,

Weave them into a shawl.

Then I’ll be all cozy,

And see the winter through,

Waiting for the sunshine,

Offering blessings for the view.




What are your childhood memories?

I was thinking about my past the other day and realised I had no real memories of birthdays. However I do remember Christmas’s. I discovered that the things I remember most are not holidays or special occasions. But times spent doing something I liked for example walking in the Autumn woods with my Dad kicking leaves, or helping him fix the car or rake the lawn. I wondered about my children and what they will remember from their childhood? What memories can I create for them to treasure? Days out? Holidays? Birthdays? Or just special family time? I hope that whatever they remember, they take with them to adulthood the feeling of being loved and valued as human beings.

I would love to hear your memories, they all add up to make a big picture, and maybe even a poem or two!

Feeling Blue…..



When I open my heart to you

I do not expect to have it stamped upon.

When I tell my dreams to you

I do not expect to have them ridiculed.

When I offer you my love

I do not expect you throw it away.

You do not see who I am,

Or value my worth to you.

You do not see how much I hurt

Or how hard I cry.

When I’m all done and emotionless

You will have sucked me dry.

Then I will turn to you and say,

‘I told you so… Goodbye.’