Wheel of Time…


Autumn arrives in a riot of colour with dew in her hair and frost on her breath.

She carries the wind in her cloak of leaves,

Reminding us all that the seasons are changing.

She draws the dark nights in, giving us a time to prepare.

To look deep into our souls, finish that which is undone.

A time to remember those that have moved on

Be blessed by their love.

Give thanks for her warning winter draws close.

She tarries a while until the cold and the ice chase her beauty away.

The wheel of time turns again.


Branching Out…

Branching Out

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She…Or heavenly Light

Moon at night

A giver of love

A bringer of joy

A thing of beauty

That none can destroy

The lure of her energy

The force of her light

The stars all salute her

In the cool of the night

So make a wish, cast a spell

The secrets she knows, she’ll never tell

Maiden, Mother or maybe Crone

However you dream

You desires are known.

Be true to yourself

Do as ye will

Your chosen path is yours to fulfil.

From Tiny Acorns…

Woods & Trees

Recently I have floundered, unable to focus and disappointed in myself that I have not given myself time to write.  This morning I decided to rectify that, and so I have written this to inspire myself and others.  Enjoy.

A little Acorn silently dreams,

Of deep dark forests.

Where it will grow mighty and strong.

Where possibilities are endless.

It may become home to many,

Shelter for others,

And refuge for those in need.

The Acorn quietly contemplates its future,

Sheltered by the mighty Oak leaves,

Nurtured by the rain.

Only the passing of seasons mark its journey to greatness.

Time Passes By…

Standing Stones


Like a book I lie quietly on a shelf, waiting for you to look my way

Show me some interest.

When you’ve had your fill you cast me aside,

Forgotten again, left to gather dust, rot slowly away.

I long for your touch, your words of love

To see you smile, your loving gaze

Please don’t leave me here to end my days…