As Time Goes By…



You and me,

We are just events in time

Like music and rhyme

An entity

Grains of sand, unplanned

Drifting through life’s multicoloured hue

We need no other,

A whisper, a thought, a dream it’s not what it seems

Space, a divide a parallel world

Where the fabric of reality merges

We are but shadows fleeting by

Ghosts of time, we’ll never die



Skin Deep…


I have been on holiday, I apologise, normal service has been resumed!


You have made the ultimate gesture

You have sacrificed some skin for me

My name, your arm, black ink

I can’t tell you how proud I am

That you’re with me

That you choose to give me your love

Displayed for all the world to see

It is engraved upon my heart

As it is your body

I thank you…


Brownsea Island


When I look into your eyes I see nothing, and yet,

Reflected there are deep pools of sadness and confusion.

Quick turn away, don’t get involved they’re crazy you know

Is the familiar cry

Lawyer, doctor, teacher, what you once were is of no consequence

That your madness might be infectious is their greatest fear,

And yet are we not all a little insane?

For worrying scurrying passing you by.

‘Wait!’ You utter ‘I have something to say.

Will no one look into my eyes and chat a while,

To pass the time of day?’


At last a voice, you’re not alone floating like driftwood in a sea of uncertainty

‘How are you’?

And the sun comes out again