Watching the world go by…


I gazed upon my catalogue of dreams

where the world is shiny and new

What could I have? What could I buy?

What wear to keep me dry?

A lovely lamp to light my life?

A cosy blanket to warm my heart?

Things to primp and things to trim

Things to make you slim within

Things to buy your perfect pet

Things to get you into debt

But nothing there as perfect as you

Only you can make my dreams come true


For my son….


I really love my Xbox

It’s awesome and it’s great

It drives my mum just crazy

And gets her in a state

I like to watch You Tube

And play on Forza Four

All my mates are on there

I want to play some more

Dad said I need to stop now

And go and get some sun

But I don’t really want to

I’m having so much fun

I wish that I could stay home

Pretend that I was sick

But mum said school will notice

And think that I am thick

But if I get a high score

I might become a star

Then I’ll buy my dad

A super racing car

I lurk inside my bedroom

Waiting for an up-date

And when it doesn’t download

I get really irate

One day we had a power cut

Everything went black

I hadn’t even saved it

I think I’m gonna crack

Mum said I must stop now

Time to pack it in

But how can she say that

When I’m about to win

Today we’re going on holiday

No more chance to play

Maybe it’s not a bad thing

I think I’ll be ok

I’ve left it in the cupboard

I’m feeling rather bold

I don’t think I will play it

Until I’m really old

My parents are very happy

They’ve said I’m doing fine

In fact they’re so excited

They’ve gone to buy some wine!

Got some time for a rhyme…?



I’ll always want my Dummy

I’ve had it for a while

And when I’ve got it in my gob

It really makes me smile


I dip it in the jam jar

And rub it in the honey

And then I smear it on my face

Because I think it’s funny


My mummy says it’s nasty,

But I know it’s really not

She says it’s old and smelly

And will make my teeth all rot


She wants to give it to a fairy

Who will put it with the rest

But I really like it and

I’ve hidden it in my vest


My dummy is an old friend

Who’s always been with me

I had it from a baby

I was really wee


If I don’t have a dummy

I’ll loose my bestist friend

If l don’t have a dummy

I know the world will end


My mummy says I’m 4 now

Plenty big enough

I don’t really need a dummy

Cos I am big and tough


I can give it to my sister

Who always makes a noise

And then she’ll be all quiet

While I play with my toys


Maybe I don’t need a dummy

Maybe now I’m tall

Maybe I don’t need it

Not ever ever at all

Dem Bones Don’t Bend!

Glass of Wine

I have tennis elbow

Not from watching Murray

From having too much vodka

And drinking in a hurry

It makes me really angry

It hurts when I comb my hair

It gets all in a tangle

And makes me want to swear

Trying to do my housework

And hang washing out to dry

Is turning me into a mad woman

I really can’t deny

Using the computer

Really is a total pain

Trying to click the mouse

Is driving me insane

Not to mention underwear

Pulling up my drawers

I have to be Houdini

I end up on all fours

And when I try to drink my wine

My elbow it won’t go

I spill it down my lovely top

What a waste of good Bordeaux

I have taken lots of tablets

Rubbed on lots of cream

But I’ve still got tennis elbow

Think I’m gonna scream!

A is for….


I have been writing some rhyming poetry for my children recently, they seem to enjoy it (in the style of Pam Ayres/Purple Ronnie.) However I find myself waking up at all hours thinking ‘Hmm what rhymes with …’  and finding that I’m running through the alphabet to find a word that will fit. One of the school mums commented that I looked puzzled last week. ‘Oh,’ I replied ‘I’m just trying to think of a word that rhymes with Sister.’ Needless to say she hurried on probably thinking that I’m slightly unhinged!  The thing is I’m a closet writer, my craft is kept hidden like a dark and furry thing, only showing itself to a few people on the internet. I know you will say that’s madness, there couldn’t be a larger audience than that of cyber space, but I find it easier to be judged by people I don’t know than those close by who might ridicule or laugh.  Being a tender hearted Pisces I find that hard to stomach.  Therefore I write under cover of darkness (well not literally! just quietly at home.)

Anyway back to rhyming there must be an easier way? Only the alphabet has quite alot of letters in it to keep running through, 26 to be precise.  Oh well I suppose it keeps my occupied whilst the children are in the pool or at the park.

Er what rhymes with Because?

We’re following the leader…..



So 50 followers! I have to say I’m thrilled with this.  I know many of you other bloggers will chuckle to yourselves, as most of you run into the hundreds if not thousands of followers.  The thing is, it makes me feel I’m not alone out here in this virtual reality we all live in.  It is also nice to think that people care enough about what I’m burbling on about to follow me, and gives me the impetus to carry on writing.  Now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy I just wanted to say a big thank you