Still feeling rhymish…..


Still got some words left! So here they are 🙂

The old Oak Tree stands naked yet majestic in the silence of the woods, quietly waiting for the warm spring sunshine to kiss its branches alive, and the gentle winds of change to breathe softly on the earthy roots below.


There is no God, only inner guidance,

There is no Devil waiting pitchfork in hand,

There is only your conscious decision to behave as you should.

Do good deeds it will come back three fold,

Be bad and pay the consequences.

Watch the seasons, become part of nature.

Take joy from the sun and moon, they are all part of the great cosmic energy,

To which we are connected.

Spiritually, emotionally and physically honour yourselves,

Your past your present your future, your ancestors.

Be loyal, be truthful, show courage.

The spirits will guide you,

You only have to listen…………Blessings



What Rhymes with Plum?


Had some rhyming words in my head recently, just clamouring to get out! So I gently placed them into some poems in the hope that they will leave me alone for a time.  As going round reciting the alphabet and muttering darkly to myself  ‘now what rhymes with plum?” is loosing me friends rapidly!


I gazed upon my catalogue of dreams where the world is shiny and new.

What could I have? What could I buy? What wear to keep me dry?

A lovely lamp to light my life, a cozy blanket to warm my heart?

Things to primp and things to trim, things to make you nice and slim.

Things to buy your perfect pet, things to get you into debt.

But nothing there as perfect as you.

Only you can make my dreams come true.


You are my soul mate,

I knew on our 1st date,

It must have been fate,

I think you’re just great.


Sometimes life is really hard,

In fact it’s jolly tough!

Aches and pains, work and strains

All add to the daily slog.

We succeed, we fail,

We fight tooth and nail,

We never miss a trick.

Our hopes and dreams are pinned upon

Awaiting the magic.

Self Publishing….


Today I was listening to some music and it started me thinking about self-publishing….Now I know there is a huge question mark over Authors self-publishing.  However what happens when a small time local band, or a singer/performer wants to ‘get out there.’ Well I’ll tell you, they perform at a local club, or make a homemade CD and upload to the web on various music sites, or they advertise that they are available for events weddings etc. The majority will remain anonymous, and a few will make it big time. Now does anyone think that unsigned artists are all questionable? Of course not, do people say they should have a producer? Nope. Well then why when a writer makes their material available to the public via other methods than being signed by a publisher/agent are they slated for being ‘Not good enough,’ to get one and therefore not worth reading??? There are so many stories out there about famous Authors being missed, chucked on the slush pile, not least Stephen King and J.K Rowling! to name just two. So I say do what makes you happy, publish yourself if you don’t want the hassle/heartache of trying to get a publisher interested. Or hold out for that dream book deal, there is always one out there somewhere. Rant over!


Cute Cat….Read About It Here!

I Want to Play Hopscotch!

Children's Story

Now available on Kindle.  A story for 0-3 year olds about a little girl who wants to play hopscotch but everyone is too busy to play with her.  However she realises playmates come in all shapes and sizes.  (please note this book is not illustrated.)


So today I was looking up something on the old Web and came across a ‘Purveyor of Chocolate’ how glamorous that sounds I thought. Then I came across a ‘Field of Dreams.’ Which is a field full of wildflowers where you can sit and walk. Sounds idyllic. Then I started to think about writers and how exciting the craft is and yet to say you are an Author or a Writer sounds exceedingly dull. So I set about deciding on a strapline for myself. I Goggled all kinds of words and phrases and then looked at synonyms for them, wrote a million sentences and then deleted half! However the end result is this:

‘Wordweaver creating books for you to discover.’


See, now doesn’t that sound more exciting than Author?


Knitted Cats

Today my daughter was given these lovely pets.  Knitted by a very talented woman I might add! She hugged them close and started chatting to them like old friends, (my daughter, not the woman who knitted them!) Which made me  think about how much little children live by their imaginations, and how accepting they are of fairies, princesses, wizards and talking animals.  In fact talking animals form  the basis of many a children’s story.  I remembered when I first read Charlotte’s Web – Oh how I cried!

It led me to think about how youngsters relate to their environment and how stories, fables, legends and myths become part of us. We as adults are shaped by what we learn.  We must therefore encourage our children to read widely and to also discriminate between what is reality and what is fantasy.  All too often peer pressure leads our children to want to consume material that is not suitable for their age.  (We have seen a rise in this recently with the advent of evermore graphic console games) I am a firm believer in children remaining children, all too soon they will have the responsibilities of adulthood placed upon their shoulders.

Now I’m off to write a story about a cat! (more on that later)