I have a dream…

Hopes and Dreams

So not another book review! I really must get back to them. However, today I have been thinking about books, reading and writing, the usual stuff.  I started to wonder about all those adults out there who can’t read and thought to myself how difficult their lives must be.  The easiest of chores must seem like a mammoth task.  We all take reading and writing as a given, but young children face many stumbling blocks along the way, all of which can contribute to them being left behind.  I wondered how frustrating it must be to get a letter and not be able to read it! it could be a cheque, a love letter, or even a hospital appointment.  You would never know unless you confided in someone and asked them to read it for you. And that is probably the last thing you would do, as a matter of pride. It brought home to me just how important it is to teach our children how to read, and more than that how to enjoy it.

Politician to an aspiring writer:

‘But what will you live on?’   

Aspiring writer:  

‘Hopes and dreams.’


The Good Companion

The Good Companion

My purchase today at the car boot sale :

Modern technology is all good, without it I wouldn’t be ‘talking’ to you now.  However there is something to be said about the traditional methods, one of which is the typewriter.  I am very pleased to own this piece of ‘retro’ technology (which I have to say was considered portable!) and can’t help but wonder about the owner.  Did they use it for letters to the front in WW2.  Or was it used by a politician to write reports of current affairs.  Or even a journalist starting out, taping away at the keys in the hope of making the headlines.  Maybe a humble author bashed out a bestseller burning the midnight oil.  The possibilities are endless. At 85 years old I’m sure if it could talk it would tell us a story or two!!

E-reader the way forward?

Reading device

My son keeps borrowing my kindle.  Now I’m not sure what I think about that?  Does it detract from a physical book?  The books he reads now don’t have pictures anyway, so that argument doesn’t really hold.  Does it encourage him to have yet another electronic device? Well I’m not sure.  I don’t think so…maybe if it were an iPad then I could see him flicking from reading to playing games, but it isn’t.  So is there any advantage/disadvantage? Well he does loose his place in physical books, especially when his little sister pulls out the bookmark.  The kindle is very light and easy to hold in bed. The new ones are also backlit so if he were sharing a room it needn’t interfere with anyone else.  However all that said, there is just something so nice about a new book, especially a hardback, the smell of the pages, the thickness of the book, inviting you to get stuck in, not to mention the book cover.  There is also the synopsis on the back cover that teases you with the storyline.  Also of course a book can’t run out of power at a crucial moment, whereas an electronic device can.  So on balance I think I’m happy that he reads full stop.  But nothing in my opinion can beat a physical book.

The Joy of Writing

Oak Tree

The Old Oak Tree

The old Oak Tree stands naked yet majestic in the silence of the woods, quietly waiting for the warm spring sunshine to kiss its branches alive, and the gentle winds of change to breathe softly on the earthy roots below.

The point here is it’s great to read, but it’s also great to write.  Just spending half an hour with your children outside getting inspired by nature could give you and them an idea for a poem or a story, no matter how simple.  You could then write it out on coloured card and draw a picture to go with it.  Or decorate with sticks, shells, leaves, straw, daisies etc. A great spring activity!