I only have a small amount to say this evening, hence the title!

Sometimes it is useful to play the game of asking a young child to read a story back to you that you have just read.  It is interesting to note how much information they have taken in and additionally it gives you to opportunity to ask questions about the story and possibly relate it to a similar situation in their life, it also furthers their understanding of events/situations etc.



The Tiger Who Came To Tea – Review


‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’, was first published in 1968 by Judith Kerr, some forty five years ago! And yet it is still popular today.  The book is one of the best selling of all time and has been reproduced in many languages including braille. The book is suitable for children from 3 to 7 and comes in hardback, soft back and a buggy book. Younger children happily enjoy listening to the story of Sophie and the large Tiger who joined them for tea.  The tiger eats all the food and drinks all the water so Sophie is unable to have her bath!  The illustrations are superb with lots of little details to hold a young child’s attention. The Tiger looks like a cuddly pet and indeed in one of the illustrations Sophie can be seen giving him a cuddle.

As with the Very Hungry Caterpillar (previously reviewed) there are countless opportunities to act out the story.  Such as dressing up as a Tiger, making tiger masks, making Tiger shaped sandwiches. Putting on a puppet show using either old socks or lolly sticks.  You could make a shopping list and add up how much items cost.  Draw and paint a picture of a Tiger.  Or even invite friends round for a tea party and dress up, or use face paints to recreate the story.

So I hope that’s enough to wet your appetite.  If you haven’t already read the story perhaps you should, and if you have maybe you could try out one of the activities, and send me a picture!