On Trying To Get One’s Husband’s Attention…


My husband has a smartphone,

He takes it everywhere,

He thinks it’s rather fab,

I don’t think I compare.

Whenever I want to chat,

He head is in his phone,

I think he even takes it,

When he’s on the throne!

I’ve tried to catch his eye,

And flirted in the nude,

But the lure of Ebay,

Keeps him rather glued.

Maybe I’ll go on Facebook,

And tag him in a post,

If he doesn’t notice,

I’ll write that he is toast!


A Gift…


Thank you for the plants,

They’re very pink and pretty,

I thought I’d write and tell you,

In this little ditty.

We took them to the garden,

And planted in a row,

Where the sun will shine,

And surely help them grow.

When the autumn comes,

With cold winds and showers,

I’ll look out of the window,

And see my glorious flowers.

So thank you once again,

For my little treat,

My garden will be lovely,

The best one in our street.


The Curse of the Crawlies…

Head Lice

I think I might have Nits,

Disgusting but it’s true,

Lurking in my hair,

Sticking there like glue.

Nibbling on my scalp,

Making my head itch,

Trying not to scratch,

Is giving me a twitch.

I have to buy some lotion,

And squirt it on my head,

Leave it there to settle,

And hope they all drop dead!

Then I’ll use the Lice comb,

Just like the school Nit nurse,

And when it gets all tangled,

I’ll try not to blast and curse.

And when they have all left,

In search of pastures new,

I’m going to buy some Vosine,

Anti Nit shampoo!



What do you do when your heart might break?

Do you wish you couldn’t feel pain?

Do you wish you could bind it in cotton wool?

Wrap it up and hide it away,

Safe from the harsh knocks of life,

To take away the ache,


You may never feel love,

You may never feel passion,

You heart won’t throb with desire.

Will you take the risk?

Open your heart?

Or bury it deep within.


Edge of Dark…


Whilst you slept I lay and watched,

The shadows fleeting across your face,

I wondered were you thinking,

Of violence, blood and power?

Or were you really dreaming,

Of love, romance and desire?

I kissed your forehead gently,

To banish any fears,

Lurking in the menacing edge of dark.

Flying Away…


When your heart hurts,

When you miss someone,

When you let them go,

You become undone.

A hole to fill,

The empty nest,

But once they were mine,

So truly blessed.

Let them fly,

Spread their wings,

They are always attached,

To your heartstrings.

This is for you,

I hope you know,

I miss you always,

I can’t let go.