Paper Money…


My uncle used to slide, unto my little hand,

A crisp note made of paper, with £5 round its band,

My Mother used to tell me, it wouldn’t buy a toy,

And she would swap me coins, I think it was a ploy,

She pocketed the note a smile upon her lips,

And then she sauntered off, to buy us fish and chips,

It’s only now I’m older, I’ve realised the trick,

I’ve tried on my kids, but they are far too quick,

I wish I’d kept the note, tucked gently in my fist,

I’m sorry Uncle Bert, you’re really truly missed.

An Alternative Point of View…


I feel things differently from you,

Emotions bombard my senses,

Like rain pelting the ground,

I begin to feel out of control,

I tighten my jaw and grind my teeth,

In anticipation of the onslaught,

Confusion arises,

I try to smile, as my heart pounds against my ribs,

Feeling giddy and sick,

I quickly retreat,

Behind my mask of indifference.

A Lie In…


I woke up to a cup of tea, placed beside my head,

How it really made me smile, that I could stay in bed,

Now I wonder where’s the toast? And the daily news?

All this effort makes me tired, maybe I’ll have a snooze.

I wonder when I wake up will I get a snack?

Maybe I’ll call down, it’s what I call payback,

I’m all warm and cosy don’t think I want to move,

I know that you’ll be frowning, I’m sure you disapprove.

I’m sure that by tomorrow normal service will restart,

I will come with coffee, I know it now by heart,

You will roll and grunt and I will smile and sigh,

As I wave my distant lie in with a sad goodbye.




Today I thought about your smile,

I haven’t seen it in a while,

When I remember your warm embrace,

It takes me back to a happy place.

As I watch my children grow,

My hearts is sometimes full of woe,

I’m sure your watching from above,

I know that they will feel your love.

But how I wish you could sit with me,

And natter over a cup of tea,

I’d tell you all my worries and fears,

And you would smile and wipe my tears.

I can only hope I’m doing it right,

As I tuck them up for the night,

I give them teddy and warm advice,

I tell them be good and treat others nice.

One day they’ll leave and fly the nest,

I know that I will have tried my best,

I hope that I will make you proud,

As you look down from your fluffy cloud.

Bra Shopping…


I need a new bra, of that there’s no doubt,

My boobs no longer, thrust prettily out,

So off the to lingerie shop I dash,

Wearing a loose top and waving some cash.

The fitter whips out her measure, so cold,

And bade me strip off my bra of old,

She prods and she pokes and squints just a bit,

Hands in the air I quietly submit.

‘There’s wired and peep hole, and there’s padded too,

But none of those would be right for you,

There’s push up and plunge and strapless as well,

Without trying them on we really can’t tell.’

Abandoned and naked, I waited in awe,

She went and fetched some bra’s from her drawer,

She said try all these and we’ll check the fit,

It’s certainly a challenge I’ll have to admit!

And finally she said with a bit of a sigh,

‘Your boobs won’t fit I don’t know why?

Maybe you need a bit more support

You could try an F cup as a last resort’.

My skin was all blotchy; I could take no more,

I unhooked my old bra from the back of the door,

I think this is perfect, I said with a smile,

It’s comfy and nice and fits my lifestyle.

My husband may not fall into a swoon,

When he rips of my top in the afternoon,

But my boobs will rejoice, to be set free,

Even as they graze my knee.

Maybe it’s time to buy a warm vest,

To keep out the chill from my poor chest,

The look is not glamorous I must confess,

But a lot less hassle and without all the stress!