Hey Boy!

Get outta my Face Space,

You need to get off my case,

Your acting like a dis-grace,

You’re not invited to my place,

Not gonna make it to first base,

You think you’re so hard to re-place,

Well I’ve got news for you boy,

Yeah, I’ve got news for you…

Hey Girl!

You done givin’ me the blues,

What ya tellin’ me is old news,

Think you can turn the thumb-screws?

Do you think you light my fuse?

You annoy me like an old bruise,

Ever wonder if I’ll re-fuse?

Well I got news for you girl,

Yeah, I got news for you….


Summer’s End…


Summer invites Autumn to a glorious celebration,

Her yellow rays reaching out yielding warmth and sunshine,

To bathe her crimson cloak.

Flip-flops and smiles are worn,

Laughter bubbles like the sound of a distant brook.

Thrilled to be invited to Summer’s party,

Autumn rewards everyone with tumbling leaves.

Rustling in the gentle breeze, they form a carpet,

In shades of copper, scarlet, gold and green.

Conkers nestle beneath like prizes waiting to be claimed.

As the air chills a wisp of wind tosses them carelessly adrift,

Finally the sun goes down, summer retreats, the party ends.



Soon the time of Halloween,

Where spirits walk in between,

The fabric of the worlds divide,

We can be at one with those who died,

Raise a cup, and raise a smile,

For they are close for a little while,

In the darkness, below a starry sky,

Honour thy ancestors as they pass by,

Light a candle dark and light,

As we celebrate death on this cold night,

Watch out for those that might appear,

The night of Samhain, the Witches New Year.

Loom Bands…

Loom Bands

Oh loom bands, loom bands, how pretty you are,

I’d like to admire you from afar,

Little fingers start slowly turning blue,

From weaving chains into patterns new,

My house is full of rainbow bands,

That have escaped the tiny hands,

I find them lurking on the stairs,

In my bed and under chairs,

And when the craze has come to pass,

What will become of the silicone mass,

Will they become tomorrow’s waste?

More landfill to be embraced.



Thief of Life…


Oh World Wide Web you’ve caught me tight,

I now stay up all of the night,

You have become a thief of my life,

You stole my time and caused me strife.

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor,

I’ve had the bailiffs at the door,

I wish that I could walk away,

I fear my mind will just decay.

But the Internet is here to stay,

In cyberspace we can meet and play,

A virtual world is mine to command,

Where I’m not boring pale or bland.

Oh thief of life release me now,

I’ll stay away, I’ll make a vow,

Go into the world keep it real,

No more of my life I’ll let you steal.