Teaching Blues…


I once knew a teacher,

She was very good indeed,

She was kind to all the students,

And hoped they would succeed.

She always did her marking,

No sentence left unchecked,

It took her to the wee hours,

But none she did reject.

Her lovely husband waited,

With spare pens to hand,

Hoping she would take him,

To the Promised Land.

Alas she was too knackered,

To even raise a smirk,

Let alone to tempt him,

With a little perk!


Candy Canes…


Candy canes and paper chains,

Tinsel round the tree,

Stockings hung, carols on,

Children laugh with glee.

Christmas pud and crackers too,

Silly hats and jokes,

Eyes that sparkle full of joy,

Gives us all fresh hope.

Wrapping paper filled with love,

Snow outside the door,

Father Christmas on his sleigh,

Or is that just folklore?

Holly and mistletoe hung up high,

Loved ones beg a kiss,

A magical time once a year,

A Christmas such as this.







A Misplaced Life…


With only a fiver in her pocket,

And the kids all got holes in their shoes,

She wondered how she would manage,

To clothe them all for school.

She walked the streets by night,

Trying to pick up a few tricks,

The kids at home lay sleeping,

Dreaming of fish and chips.

They huddled together in her bed,

Whilst she walked alone in the rain,

Selling her body for pennies,

Humming lullaby’s to end the pain.

Oh where will her story end?

Will she always be societies dregs?

What good can come from politics?

When they’re all walking around in threads?

How will she ever manage?

Can anybody really foresee?

Is her destiny already written?

Or will society set her free?


Christmas Countdown…

Christmas tree

Christmas shopping is driving me mad,

What to buy for Mum and Dad,

Perfume, socks, books or a plant,

All sounds like presents,

I’d buy my great Aunt.

And then there’s my brother,

And sister too,

What to get them,

I don’t have a clue,

I know what I want,

But whose getting mine,

It might be expensive,

I don’t want to whine.

I’ve sent some cards,

Really tried my best,

I’ve put up the tree,

And got really stressed.

The Turkey’s ordered,

And crackers that pop,

The tree is lit,

With a fairy on top.

The mince pies are cooking,

Mulled wine’s on the go,

Waiting for Santa,

With a Christmas Ho Ho Ho!



On Trying To Get One’s Husband’s Attention…


My husband has a smartphone,

He takes it everywhere,

He thinks it’s rather fab,

I don’t think I compare.

Whenever I want to chat,

He head is in his phone,

I think he even takes it,

When he’s on the throne!

I’ve tried to catch his eye,

And flirted in the nude,

But the lure of Ebay,

Keeps him rather glued.

Maybe I’ll go on Facebook,

And tag him in a post,

If he doesn’t notice,

I’ll write that he is toast!


A Gift…


Thank you for the plants,

They’re very pink and pretty,

I thought I’d write and tell you,

In this little ditty.

We took them to the garden,

And planted in a row,

Where the sun will shine,

And surely help them grow.

When the autumn comes,

With cold winds and showers,

I’ll look out of the window,

And see my glorious flowers.

So thank you once again,

For my little treat,

My garden will be lovely,

The best one in our street.